Identity verification

KYC & AML checks all in one place

Flexible, complex, and easy-to-launch solution for onboarding and verification (KYC/AML) of your customers.

Verify customer identities, extract & check data from documents, and reduce fraud.

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What is GetID

Getid offers verification and onboarding services
Improve and automate your onboarding procedure through:

Face match

Liveness Check

AML/Sanctions list

Available for iOS, Android, Web

The Key Benefits Of GetID

Cost Efficient Solution

Minimum Set Up Costs

Increase conversion rates

Automate onboarding process

SDK’s available


Pay only for needed features

Easy and flexible integration


Reduce fraud

Comply with regulators

Perform KYC/AML checks

How GetID Works

The identity verification software offered by GetID enables users to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to authenticate clients, as well as to ensure that only one verification is required within the entire process.’

Step 1

Take a photo of your identity document

Step 2

Take a self-portrait photo using your phone's camera or desktop webcam

Step 3

Your photos & ID are verified with our system

Development Kit

Integrate our custom SDK into your service and begin on-boarding clients quickly and efficiently.

Mobile SDK

KYC/AML Admin panel

Manage your KYC process through Admin Panel. All info on applications and various KYC vendors in one place.

Who do we work with?

Online Trading


Sports Betting

Peer to Peer Loans

Payment Systems

Fintech Companies

Anyone who onboards retail

Get in touch with us

GetID OÜ is registered in Estonia – commercial registry number 14700267.

Maakri 19/1, 30th floor, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
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